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Redback SARMs pays fine for advertising prescription-only substances

10 September 2019

Australian business Redback SARMs has paid penalties of $15,210 after the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) issued six infringement notices for the alleged advertising of Schedule 4 (prescription-only) substances, including:

  • Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs)
  • Melanotan II.

Using SARMs and other prescription-only medicines could result in serious harm to consumers' health and safety, particularly if the products are not used with adequate or appropriate medical supervision.

The TGA is reminding businesses that prescription-only medicines cannot be advertised to the public. Online interfaces that allow consumers to review and self-select their desired prescription-only medicines for subsequent prescribing and supply will generally be considered advertising for those medicines. Businesses should also be aware that promoting general classes of prescription-only medicines (like SARMs) is also likely to be considered advertising.

For more information about advertising requirements, visit the advertising hub.

The TGA takes action against illegal activity

Complaints about the advertising of unapproved prescription-only medicines to the public are a high priority for the TGA and can result in serious consequences for advertisers found to be in breach of Therapeutic Goods Act 1989, including being issued infringement notices, being charged with criminal offences or having court proceedings commenced against them.

Remember - if you see an ad that breaks the rules, you can make an advertising report online. The TGA will investigate and take action.