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    Safety through adverse event reporting

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    Expert review of medicines and medical device regulation

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    Food-Medicine Interface Guidance Tool (FMIGT)

    TGA has developed a tool to help determine if products are regulated as food or a medicine
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    For travellers & visitors

    Watch our video on travelling with medicines and medical devices
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    A summary of supplying therapeutic goods in Australia

    Watch this video if you are thinking of supplying therapeutic goods in Australia


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Safety information

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27 February 2015
Hazard alert - potential for implant failure due to poor fixation
25 February 2015
Update - alternative product now available
24 February 2015
Safety advisory

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27 February 2015
An overview of how to search the TGA website - focusing on the ARTG and other specialised databases, and where to search for specific information
26 February 2015
Advisory Committee on the Safety of Medical Devices meeting statement
26 February 2015
The consultation forecast provides an indication of the major consultations scheduled by the TGA for release during the next 6 months

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