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14 February 2020
Product defect correction - potential for blank labelling to pose risk of accidental misuse
29 November 2019
Recall - bacterial contamination of one batch
14 November 2019
Product defect correction – risk of delayed therapy due to potential battery issues
5 September 2019
Recall - potential toxicity (金 匮 肾 气 丸 - statement includes Chinese translation 中文翻译)

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Safety information

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27 March 2020
We have investigated a report that intravenous high-dose vitamin C may be beneficial in the management of COVID-19
24 March 2020
Only certain types of specialists will be able to prescribe hydroxychloroquine to new patients
13 March 2020
Information for consumers and health professionals

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31 March 2020
A list of tests approved for inclusion on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG).
31 March 2020
All applications in relation to COVID-19 are being expedited as a matter of priority (separate to the Priority Review pathway)
31 March 2020
Information relating to COVID-19
31 March 2020
Australian Public Assessment Report for Nivolumab

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