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6 March 2015
Update 2 - alternative product now available
4 March 2015
For the 2015 influenza season, the following trivalent and quadrivalent influenza vaccines will be registered and available for use
2 March 2015
Caution advised in choosing intravenous catheters if power injection may be required; Acanthamoeba keratitis risk for contact lens users; The TGA thanks you for your medical device adverse event reports; Recent safety alerts
27 February 2015
Hazard alert - potential for implant failure due to poor fixation

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6 March 2015
Guidance document for manufacturers and sponsors of HIV tests
6 March 2015
Added Brimonidine (as tartrate) (Mirvaso), Efraloctocog alfa (rhu) (Eloctate), Ezetimibe / Rosuvastatin (as calcium) (Ezalo, Rosuzet) and Sucroferric oxyhydroxide (Velphoro)

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