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25 February 2021
Recall of various medicines containing Artemisia annua and Artemisia absinthium - updated recalled medicines
23 December 2020
Recall - potential for split tablets to lead to ineffective dose
23 December 2020
Recall due to presence of chloroform
9 October 2020
Update - Infringement notices issued

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Safety information

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16 February 2021
The TGA has issued a Serious Shortage Substitution Notice (SSSN) for sertraline tablets
10 February 2021
Resurrection Male Sexual Enhancement capsules pose a serious risk to your health and should not be taken.
1 February 2021
Safety advisory - enhanced warnings relating to abuse and dependence

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1 March 2021
The Therapeutic Goods (Permissible Ingredients) Determination has been updated
26 February 2021
Australian prescription medicine decision summary
26 February 2021
TGA is seeking comments on whether the Australian medical device regulatory framework should be aligned to the EU framework for medical devices containing nanomaterials. Closing date: 9 April 2021
26 February 2021
The TGA has issued two infringement notices to Perth-based company Bajaria Global Pty Ltd

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