Recalls and suspensions

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23 December 2020
Recall due to presence of chloroform
23 December 2020
Recall - potential for split tablets to lead to ineffective dose
14 November 2020
The Product Defect Alert follows the comprehensive review and laboratory testing carried out by the TGA
9 October 2020
Update - Infringement notices issued

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Safety information

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13 January 2021
Safety advisory – contains latex (statement includes Chinese translation 中文翻译)
22 December 2020
Safety advisory - risk of infection with the vaccine virus
18 December 2020
The TGA is extending the Serious Shortage Substitution Notice (SSSN) for Estradot 25 and issuing a new SSSN for Estradot 75
18 December 2020
Patients may be injured if they wear face masks (such as surgical or non-surgical masks and respirators) with metal parts and coatings during an MRI examination

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18 January 2021
Update to list of face masks which are subejct to market actions

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