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5 September 2019
Recall - potential toxicity (金 匮 肾 气 丸 - statement includes Chinese translation 中文翻译)
2 August 2019
Hazard alert – risk of breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma in rare cases
30 July 2019
Product defect correction – potential for incorrect medicine in the pack
17 July 2019
Recall - Potential for eye damage

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Safety information

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17 October 2019
A full list of affected breast implant products which will be updated as needed
15 October 2019
Update - Warning about increased risks of blood clots and of death at higher dose for certain patients
1 October 2019
Safety advisory – increased risk of death in gout patients with a history of major cardiovascular disease
20 September 2019
Slimina Weight Loss capsules pose a serious risk to your health and should not be taken

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18 October 2019
Medical Devices consultations forecast updated
18 October 2019
Considering microneedling? Make sure you do your research first
18 October 2019
Available now - new medicine labelling poster encouraging consumers to discuss concerns about label changes with their doctor or pharmacist
17 October 2019
2nd GMP Forum program now available and registration dates extended

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