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TGA stakeholder survey 2019

29 May 2020

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) conducts stakeholder surveys to help report on our key performance indicators and make ongoing improvements to the way we work with our stakeholders. The 2019 survey found that around 1 in 2 Australian consumers had heard of the TGA. Of those who were familiar with the TGA, the majority of consumer, health professional and medical products industry respondents trusted the TGA to act ethically and with integrity. The majority also believed that the TGA gets the balance right between access to therapeutic goods and safety for consumers. However, the survey also shows that some groups of consumers are dissatisfied with the TGA, especially if they have had negative experiences with medicines or medical devices. The survey also reveals differences in how stakeholders perceive complementary medicines compared to other medicines.

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  • Summary
  • How to read this report
  • The survey approach
  • Overview of results
  • Panel consumers results
  • Panel general practitioners results
  • Opt-in medical products industry results
  • Opt-in consumers results
  • Opt-in health professionals results
  • Appendix 1: Abbreviations