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Introduction to the Poisons Standard

22 December 2020
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Any substance (ingredient) can be a 'poison' and cause harm if used incorrectly or taken at the wrong dose. This guidance helps sponsors and manufacturers of therapeutic goods to understand and use the Poisons Standard to determine if any restrictions apply to their product.

The Poisons Standard has been developed to ensure the safe handling of substances in Australia. It provides a uniform approach to control the availability and accessibility of substances that can be used as ingredients in medicines as well as cosmetics, agricultural products or household cleaners. The Poisons Standard is given legal effect through State and Territory legislation.

The Poisons Standard also includes provisions about containers and labels with a view to promoting uniform labelling and packaging requirements throughout Australia.

  • About the Poisons Standard
  • Interpretation of the Schedules and Appendices
  • Substances not found in the Poisons standard
  • Changes to the Poisons Standard
  • Case study: Rachel wants to supply omeprazole

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