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Authorised Prescriber Scheme online system guidance

14 December 2021
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The Special Access Scheme (SAS) & Authorised Prescriber (AP) Online System (SAS & AP online system) is the preferred method of submission for AP applications. The SAS & AP Online System is designed to reduce administrative burden and provide medical practitioners additional reporting and management functions to assist in the management of their AP applications.

This document provides information on how to register an account and submit AP applications and six monthly patient data reports via the SAS & AP Online System (the system). To reduce processing times, prescribers are strongly encouraged to submit applications through the system.

If you wish to access information regarding the submission of SAS applications and notifications via the online system, please refer to the Special Access Scheme (SAS) Online System Guidance.

For information regarding the Authorised Prescriber Scheme, please refer to the Authorised Prescriber Scheme Guidance for Medical Practitioners, Human Research Ethics Committees, Specialist Colleges and Sponsors.

  • Online system overview
  • Terminology and definitions
  • Features of the Authorised Prescriber online system
  • Account management
    • Account registration
    • Medical practitioners
    • Password resets
    • Updating account information
  • User dashboard
    • Authorised Prescriber Dashboard
    • Authorised Prescriber Reports
  • Submitting AP applications
    • Step 1: Prescriber details
    • Step 2: Product
    • Step 3: Approval/endorsement
    • Step 4: Summary
  • Submitting Nicotine AP application
    • Step 1: New Nicotine Authorised Prescriber application
    • Step 2: Submit a Nicotine Authorised Prescriber application
  • Completed applications
    • Status of draft and completed applications
    • Downloading application receipts and outcome letters
  • System features
    • Cloning applications
    • Filtering dashboard information
    • Exporting submission data
  • Submitting six monthly patient data
  • TGA contact details

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