Reporting problems

12 October 2016

About reporting

We prioritise issues that may:

  • Have adverse health consequences for consumers as a result of public access to dangerous or inappropriate goods,
  • Affect confidence in our regulatory processes or contribute to a loss of confidence in therapeutic goods in Australia.

About complaints

All complaints received by the TGA are carefully prioritised. We value all information about cases of potential non-compliance and regularly adjust our strategies for prioritisation in response to new information or trends.

We take a risk-based approach to complaints which is consistent with our approach to regulating therapeutic goods. The actions we take reflect the likely risks associated with non-compliance.

Email reports

Anyone can lodge a report with the TGA via email:

Contact details

If you are telephoning us to report a problem, please call between 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Consumers can speak to a pharmacist from NPS Medicinewise about a side effect of a medicine or vaccine on 1300 134 237

Speak to the TGA about a side effect or defect of a medicine or vaccine on 1800 044 114

Speak to the TGA about a problem with a device on 1800 809 361

Find out more about the National Relay Service (for users who are deaf or have a hearing or speech impediment) or view our postal contact details.