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Post-market responsibilities (biologicals)

Australian Regulatory Guidelines for Biologicals (ARGB)

27 July 2018

If you supply biologicals in Australia then you need to know your responsibilities. This page will help you understand your responsibilities after your product is included on the Register.

Maintaining your ARTG entries

Being the sponsor of an entry in the ARTG, you need to:

  • Continue to satisfy the conditions that were part of the approval for inclusion on the ARTG
  • provide information to us about your product, if requested
  • notify us of notifiable changes
  • request a variation, when applicable

You may also want to:

Paying your fees & charges

When you have a biological included on the ARTG, you will need to pay an annual charge.

Applications for notification and variation have a fee or fees attached. Sometimes there is both an application and an evaluation fee.

Fees and payments provides an overview and summary of fees and charges for biologicals outlines the fees and annual charges for both manufacturing and sponsoring biologicals.

Manufacturing responsibilities

Following approval of your manufacturing sites, there are a number of ongoing activities that you are responsible for, including maintaining the GMP conditions and accreditation and notifying TGA of any changes to the site or any overseas regulatory action for that site:

Biovigilance responsibilities

Biovigilance is the science and activities relating to the detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of adverse events or any other problem related to biologicals.

Biovigilance responsibilities include:

To meet legislated requirements, you need a biovigilance system, which is used to fulfil the tasks and responsibilities associated with the detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of adverse effects of biologicals.

Some additional responsibilities for higher risk biologicals:

Recall responsibilities

As a sponsor of a therapeutic good, you have ongoing responsibilities to ensure you are prepared for a recall and able to respond appropriately to complaints and problem reports:

Advertising biologicals

Biologicals are not allowed to be advertised to the public:

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