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TGA Facebook has officially launched

3 September 2018

Today we celebrate the official launch of the Therapeutic Goods Administration Facebook page.

Facebook is a popular forum for consumers to discover and share information, with 60% of Australians being users of social networks including Facebook.

Our Facebook page extends our reach with these consumers, increasing awareness of our role as Australia’s regulator of medicines, medical devices, blood, cell and tissue products.

Consumers can use the page to find information and tips on the safety of medicines and medical devices, while health professionals can use it to follow the latest news and guidance on the regulation of therapeutic goods.

Our regular updates include consumer fact sheets, product safety alerts, and callouts for consumer input on regulatory decisions, along with fun facts such as the science of goosebumps.

We joined Facebook in August 2018 and invited a small group to follow the page, provide feedback on our posts and inform future content. Since then, our Facebook content has been seen 50,000 times.

We join a growing community of health organisations who engage with the public on social media, including the Australian Department of Health and Food Standards Australia New Zealand.

Join us in protecting the health and safety of all Australians by following our Facebook page and sharing it with your networks.