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The redeveloped TGA website will be launched on 4 May 2011

27 April 2011

On 4 May 2011 the TGA is going to launch its new corporate website.

In order to assist regular visitors to the site to manage the change we have created the following information sheets to help users locate their regularly used pages and favourites:

The redeveloped website is not set up to provide automatic redirection to the new web page addresses/Uniform Resource Locators (URLs). To help you to locate information on the new website, we are providing your with a list of the URLs on this website matched to what the URL on the new website will be.

To use this list you will need the URL from the current website.

To search for a URL in the provided spreadsheet (using Microsoft Excel):

  1. Download the csv file above to your computer
  2. Open the spreadsheet from your computer
  3. Choose the find & select button (binoculars icon) from the right hand side of the tool bar
  4. Choose find, the first option in the drop down list
  5. Copy the URL you wish to find by highlighting it from your favourites or web browser and pressing Ctrl-C
  6. Place your cursor in the 'Find what' text box and press Ctrl-V
  7. Select 'Find next' – this will locate the current/old URL in column A
  8. The new or updated URL will be in column B.

If an existing URL is not on this list, it is because the information has been removed, or it is being incorporated into another webpage.

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