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Multi-level marketing company fined $37,800 for alleged advertising breaches

18 February 2020

The Juice Plus Company Australia Pty Ltd has paid penalties of $37,800 after the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) issued three infringement notices for alleged advertising breaches relating to vitamin products.

The TGA alleged the advertisements did not comply with the therapeutic goods advertising requirements. This related to:

  • promoting the products for a condition that is not permitted for this medicine, and
  • health professional endorsement of the products.

Direct sellers of these products should be aware that they have the same legal obligations as the company when advertising therapeutic goods and must comply with the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code.

A general warning to consumers

Not only are there rules around which therapeutic goods (health products) can and cannot be advertised to the public in Australia, there are also rules against misleading claims, referring to particular conditions without approval to do so, and endorsement of products by health professionals.

Remember - no medicine is 100% safe and there are no miracle cures. Think carefully about the claims being made in an advertisement and do your homework.

If you think an ad breaks the rules, make an advertising complaint online so we can investigate.