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Be alert when considering cosmetic injections

23 July 2019

Be aware of the risks

It is very risky having cosmetic injectable procedures from unqualified operators. Even though treatments involving cosmetic injections have become commonplace, you should exercise due diligence and be aware of unregistered people practicing illegally.

It is important to understand that the risks associated with cosmetic injections can be related to both the product and the experience of the person performing the procedure. While less severe side-effects such skin redness, acne and swelling can occur, some of the more serious risks include:

  • permanent blindness, which can occur when the filler is injected into any part of the facial artery and is not limited to procedures involving the eye area
  • discolouration and death of skin tissue, following dermal fillers being injected incorrectly; and
  • the presence of counterfeit products on the Australian market. There is no knowing what these are made of and should be avoided.

There is always an element of risk in medical procedures, however many of these can largely be avoided by researching and selecting a qualified, registered medical doctor with extensive experience and knowledge of the facial anatomy.

Report illegal or questionable practices

The TGA oversees the regulation of therapeutic goods used in Australia, whether produced in Australia or elsewhere. The TGA implements a range of enforcement remedies to address illegal supply of unapproved therapeutic goods, including seizing and destroying illegal medicines and medical devices, and criminal or civil court proceedings, which can result in substantial fines or imprisonment. Also, any person, including businesses, need to comply with the TGA requirements when advertising cosmetic injections.

You should report illegal or questionable practices, including suspected counterfeit medicines and medical devices, to the TGA. And if you see an ad that breaks the rules, you can make an advertising complaint online.

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