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Organisation details

Sponsor, Agent and Manufacturer

30 June 2021

This form should be completed by or for each organisation:

  • involved with the supply or manufacture of Therapeutic Goods in Australia
  • conducting a clinical trial in Australia
  • involved with the supply of Proprietary Ingredients
  • who provides regulatory services on behalf of another organisation mentioned above (Agents).
  • when applying to be an Australian conformity assessment body (CAB).

This form collects information about the legal entity making applications under the Therapeutic Goods ACT 1989 and the authority granted by that entity to other to make applications on its behalf.

If you are applying to be an Australian CAB, please ensure you select 'Agent' as the organisation role and explicitly identify your organisation as a potential CAB at the time of submission.

Please note that the Organisation detail form replaces the form previously known as the Client details form.

For details on amending your existing organisation details please refer to TGA Business Services: Getting Started with the TGA.