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Communicating COVID-19 safety information

19 May 2022

At the time of approving a vaccine, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) publishes extensive information about the product for both health professionals and the public. This includes information on the safety considerations made in deciding to approve (or not approve) a particular vaccine in the decision summary and Australian Public Assessment Report.

Safety reports

For COVID-19 vaccines, the TGA will also publish a regular safety report that includes data on received reports of suspected side effects (also known as adverse events) and other safety information from Australia and overseas.

Information about the TGA's safety monitoring of COVID-19 vaccines.

To view past safety reports see: COVID-19 vaccine safety report

Safety alerts and media releases

If we receive information on a possibly significant safety concern from Australian or international sources, we will publish a safety alert and distribute a media release as soon as possible.

These publications will summarise the information received and the investigations being undertaken. Once the investigations are complete, further safety alerts and media releases will be published to explain any findings of the investigation.

All information will be made available on both the TGA and Department of Health websites).


  • media releases and safety updates will be distributed to mainstream print, radio and television media
  • senior departmental spokespeople will be available to the media to provide further background
  • posts with links to further information will be made through the TGA and Department of Health social media channels, and stakeholder services will be encouraged to repost and share with their networks
  • we will continue to collaborate with existing communication partners, including NPS MedicineWise, and health professional groups to disseminate new safety information.