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ACM meeting statement, Meeting 11, 4 October 2018

Advisory Committee on Medicines

9 November 2018

Section A: Submissions for registration

The committee's advice was sought on six new pre-market applications for prescription medicines, as tabulated below.

Pre-market Application Types
Number of applications Application Type Main consideration by ACM
1 Type A - New Chemical /Biological Entity/Biosimilar For general consideration
3 Type C - Extension of indication For consideration of broader indication with or without substantiating supportive evidence.
2 Type F - Major variation (New Dose Form/New Route of Administration) For general consideration

The committee's advice was also sought on one Category 3 application for a registered medicine.

Further details of the ACM discussions and advice associated with pre-market items are released within the Australian Public Assessment Reports (AusPARs) for each new active. Please note that there is a delay from when an application was considered at ACM, and the publication of the AusPAR. Browse all AusPARs.

Section B: Post-Market items referred for advice

No pharmacovigilance items were discussed.

Further information

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