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Class 4 in-house IVDs: using the online application form

12 September 2016

This guidance is for sponsors who are applying to include class 4 in-house IVDs on the ARTG.

TGA Business Services

The online application form is in TGA Business Services.

Manufacturer evidence

Before you can apply for a Class 4 in-house IVD, you need to have submitted your manufacturer evidence to the TGA, and we need to have accepted it.

The dashboard

First, log in to TGA Business Services.

Across the top of the dashboard there are three main menus: Applications; Documents; and Your TGA. If you have the financial role, there is an additional Financials menu.

  • To begin a new application, select the Applications menu.
  • If you want to open an existing draft form, select Work on drafts from the My work menu.

    Screenshot highlighting the Applications and My work section

Starting a new Class 4 in-house IVD application

  1. Select Applications from the top menu. This will open a list of application types.
  2. Select Device/OTG Application.

    Screenshot highlighting Device/OTG Application

    A blank Device application form is then displayed, starting with the Application page 1.

    Note that Help texts are available throughout the form using the yellow '?' buttons on the left.

  3. To change your device application into an IVD device application, select 'Medical Device - IVD Class 4 In-House' from the drop down menu at Application for.

    Screenshot highlighting Medical Device - IVD Class 4 In-House

Completing the form

At any stage you can save the application form to your drafts by clicking the Save button on the bottom of your screen.

Once you selected 'Medical Device - IVD Class 4 In-House', sponsor, address and application class details will auto-populate from your client details.

  1. Verify the auto-populated details and when necessary, change them using the drop down menus.
  2. Provide a detailed description (up to 350 words) of the intended purpose of the device that closely aligns with the relevant GMDN description.

    Screenshot highlighting section for detailed description

  3. Click the Next button at the bottom of the page.
  4. Select the Manufacturer for Evidence from the drop down menu on page 2.

    Screenshot highlighting drop down section

    This drop down menu only shows manufacturers with accepted manufacturer's evidence that covers the type and class 'IVD class 4 in-house'. If the intended manufacturer is not shown, make sure that you have submitted the manufacturer's evidence, and that we have accepted it.

  5. Select the Evidence number from the drop down menu that pops up after you have selected the manufacturer and indicate the authority that issued the evidence.

    Screenshot highlighting the Evidence number

  6. Indicate whether the device includes immunohaematology reagents.

    If 'yes' is selected, the form will no longer display the IVD name (Unique Product Identifier), because this is not applicable to immunohaematology reagent IVD applications.

  7. Use the search button to take you to the GMDN code search screen. Enter a search term and select the GMDN code for the application. Click the OK button.

    Note: If the application is for an immunohaematology reagent, only GMDN codes for immunohaematology reagents will be displayed.

    Screenshot highlighting GMDNS codes and definitions

  8. If your IVD is not an immunohaematology reagent, enter the Unique Product Identifier. This text will be used as the 'product name' for the ARTG entry.
  9. For the Functional Description, enter a description of how the device achieves its intended purpose.
  10. For the total number of IVD medical device variants covered:
    • Enter '1' if the IVD is not an immunohaematology reagent
    • Specify the total number of variants that you are applying for, if the IVD is an immunohaematology reagent.
  11. Variant type is only applicable to immunohaematology reagents. For immunohaematology reagents:
    • Select as the type 'Immunohaematology reagents'
    • Provide details in the free text Variant range field. Click the Add button to confirm.
  12. Click the Next button at the bottom of the screen.

Submitting your application

  1. Click the Add button on top of page 3 to upload supporting documentation.
  2. Select the Document Type from the drop down menu and select Browse to search for files. Then, select the file to be submitted and click the Add button once more to confirm.

    Screenshot highlighting Document Type drop down box

  3. Read the Declaration and agree or decline.

    Screenshot highlighting Agree / Decline in Declaration

    You have to agree to the declaration in order to submit your application.

  4. Click the Validate button at the bottom of the screen to run a check whether all mandatory questions have been answered.

    Once the validation is complete:

  5. If you only have drafter rights, click the Save button at the bottom of the screen. Ask a person in your organisation that has submitter rights to verify the application and submit.

    If you do not have the submitter role, there will be no Submit button at the bottom of your screen.

  6. Only someone with the submitter role can submit the application. Use the Submit button at the bottom of the screen.
  7. We will only process your application once we have received payment. When you submit the application, an invoice will be automatically generated and will be visible if you have the financial role. Please note, we will not send you a paper copy of the invoice by post.

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