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Where to find the approved terminology

TGA approved terminology for therapeutic goods

30 March 2020

A list of TGA approved terminology can be found in the Ingredients Table and Code Tables on the TGA Business Services website (TBS). The TBS website provides publicly visible information relating to ingredient names and approved terminology and does not require a login.

Ingredients Table

The Ingredients Table provides the list of approved names for substances used in therapeutic products, including:

  • active ingredients,
  • excipients,
  • components or 'equivalents' of ingredients,
  • cells and tissues.
  1. To search for ingredients in the Ingredients Table, go to the TGA Business Services website. Select the link to the Ingredients Table located in the left menu under Public TGA Information, then select Ingredients.
  2. To search for an ingredient, enter an ingredient name in the search bar. For example, 'vanillin' and press the 'GO' button.
screenshot showing search for vanillin
  1. If an ingredient name exists, search results similar to this example will be displayed. If no search results are returned, try searching for the CAS number. If there are still no results, you will need to follow the process for proposing a new ingredient name.
screenshot showing search results for vanillin
  1. To view the details of a particular ingredient, select the name of an ingredient (highlighted in blue). An ingredient summary will then be displayed, similar to this example.
screenshot showing ingredient summary for vanillin

How to interpret an ingredient summary

The ingredient summary provides a publicly visible summary of an ingredient and provides the approved role of the ingredient (active or excipient). The ingredient summary generally lists the following information:

  • Ingredient name - TGA approved ingredient name
  • Ingredient ID -ingredient identifier assigned by the TGA
  • Category - approved ingredient and tissue name categories, e.g. AAN, ABN, ACN etc.
  • Synonyms - other names by which the ingredient is known by (included to assist with search functionality; where applicable)
  • CAS number - ingredient identifier assigned by the Chemical Abstract Service (CAS); (where possible)
  • Naming reference - publication that served as the source of the ingredient name, e.g. INN, British Pharmacopoeia, monograph)
  • Restrictions - any restrictions that might apply to use or labelling of the ingredient, e.g. to be used topically, only to be used as an active homeopathic ingredient
  • Availability - product types and roles the ingredient is permitted for use in e.g. listed medicines, prescription medicines etc.

The ingredient availability section must be read in totality, as additional restrictions on availability can apply. For example, this screenshot shows that 'Strychnos ignatii':

  • is available for use as an active ingredient in export only, prescription medicines and listed medicines; and
  • that listed medicine availability is permitted only when the ingredient is used as a homoeopathic ingredient.
screenshot showing ingredient summary for Strychnos ignatii, highlighting 'Listed Medicines' in the Availability table row

Code Tables

The Code Tables provide terminology for use in applications for therapeutic goods and on product labels, where relevant. The Code Tables provide a consistent and standardised method for naming and specifying therapeutic products including: dosage forms, plant preparation etc. For a full list of Code Table terminology, refer to the Code Tables homepage.

  1. The Code Tables are located on the TGA Business Services website and can be found in the left menu under Public TGA Information, then select Code Tables.
screenshot showing how to find the Code Tables on the TBS website
  1. To view a particular terminology category, go to the Code Tables homepage. Then select a specific category, for example, 'plant preparation'.
screenshot showing location of 'Plant Preparation' category
  1. A summary of approved terminology will be displayed, similar to this example for 'plant preparation'.
screenshot showing Plant Preparation approved terminology

Each result will generally list the following:

  • Short Description - full name of the approved terminology
  • Codes - terminology abbreviation
  • Long Description - A description of the approved terminology (where possible)
  1. To navigate back to the Code Tables homepage, you can select the back button in the top left hand corner. Alternatively, go to the left menu, then under Public TGA Information, select Code Tables.
screenshot showing location of the back button and the Code Tables in the left side menu