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Video: TGA regulatory compliance

18 January 2021

One function of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is to monitor and enforce compliance with laws that regulate medicines and medical devices in Australia. This video provides an overview of our compliance work.


As Australia’s therapeutic goods regulator, part of our function involves monitoring health products for compliance with laws regulating therapeutic goods.

This includes advertising, importing, manufacture, supply and export.

We encourage voluntary compliance by engaging with business and providing education and guidance on how to comply.

We also receive reports of non-compliance and conduct investigations. Where necessary we take enforcement action.

This could mean working with the Australian Border Force to seize and destroy an illegal import, issuing a fine to the advertiser of a prescription medicine or prosecuting a business for dealing in counterfeits.

We work closely with other agencies including health and law enforcement on compliance and enforcement issues.

The actions we take are evidence based and proportionate to the risk to public health and safety, which we’re here to help manage.

For more information on how your business can comply with the rules, or to report a suspected breach, please visit our website.