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Unique Device Identification system: Communications and stakeholder engagement

29 July 2022

Involving health professionals, healthcare organisations, consumers and industry in the development and implementation of the UDI system is critical to its success. The TGA will engage and consult with stakeholders to ensure that all perspectives, particularly those of consumers who use medical devices, are taken into account. Public reporting by the TGA will ensure that progress towards implementing the UDI system is transparent to all.

Consultations and forums

The TGA will continue to undertake a series of consultations to inform the planning and design of the Australian implementation. Each consultation will be designed to cover key topic areas that we will need to consider as we progress with our planning.

The consultation process may include consultation papers, stakeholder workshops, discussions and working groups.

We will use our established forums including the Regulatory and Technical Consultative Forum for medical devices (RegTech Forum).


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Past webinars

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Questions and answers

Questions and answers that have been collated from the Unique Device Identification Webinars.

Inform and involve

We will engage broadly across the healthcare system - from supply, procurement and distribution through to clinical use, patient use, registries and the use of device information for post-market analysis and research.

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