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TGA actions following 2018 stakeholder surveys

29 August 2019

The TGA conducts regular stakeholder surveys to hear from you about where we are doing well and where we can improve. The table below describes some of our actions following the stakeholder surveys of June 2018.

What you said What we have done
Build more awareness of the TGA and its role

We continue to share updates and information with you through our Facebook, Twitter, TGA Topics blog and email newsletters, and are currently looking at ways to expand our social media presence.

Earlier in 2019, we conducted a campaign to raise awareness of the importance of reporting side effects and problems related to medicines and medical devices. Information appeared in waiting rooms and pharmacies around Australia.

But we're not just about digital communication. Our events team has been busy meeting you in our exhibition spaces at various health and wellbeing events throughout 2019.

Provide more support and training for businesses

Our Small and Medium Enterprise Assist (SME Assist) team held workshops around the country, including in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

Meanwhile our advertising team was also on the road presenting a series of seminars on the new Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code.

Following the success of our first Industry Forum on Good Manufacturing Practice, we are holding a second forum in November 2019.

We recognise that not everyone can get to a face to face event or workshop. That's why we have held webinars on wide-ranging topics, including medicine shortages reforms, permitted indications for listed medicines, and the role of the TGA in digital health.

Head to our events and training page for a full list of forthcoming webinars and workshops.

Provide faster and more helpful responses to my enquiries We have been looking closely at the ways we manage enquiries and updating our internal processes. New technology is now in place that helps us to track our performance more effectively and help make sure we are meeting our customer service standards.
Communicate safety information more effectively

We continue to publish alerts on our website and share these alerts through Facebook, Twitter and email notifications.

We have improved the responsiveness of our Medicines Safety Updates (MSUs) for health professionals by publishing updates as issues arise rather than publishing on a fixed schedule.

We have also developed a range of resources to encourage all Australians to return their unused prescription opioid medicines.

Do more to ensure compliance with the regulations

We continue to take action in response to non-compliance. For example, in July of 2019, the Federal Court ordered an Australian company to pay $10 million for illegally advertising prescription medicines to the public and other breaches of therapeutic goods legislation.

We have also reviewed our processes to help make sure we are effectively prioritising and responding to cases of non-compliance.

Make it easier to find information on the TGA website

We are always looking at ways to enhance the experience on our website.

We continue to publish information hubs to make it easier to find information on key themes, including a new hub to help consumers and health professionals find information and support related to breast implants.

We have also updated a number of pages to provide you with clearer information about how we regulate medicines and medical devices.