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16 January 2020

Navigating the regulatory maze can be a challenge, especially if you're new to regulation. SME Assist provides education and training on various topics to help small to medium enterprises (SMEs), researchers, start-ups and anyone who is unfamiliar with regulation understand how therapeutic goods are regulated in Australia.

'Meeting Your Obligations' workshops

Who should attend

This is a free workshop aimed at beginners who are unfamiliar with therapeutic goods regulation. This may include:

  • small to medium enterprises (SMEs)
  • start-ups
  • researchers

If you are making therapeutic claims about a product or have a product that is likely to be considered a therapeutic good, this workshop will help you understand your responsibilities at different stages of the regulation process.

What will be covered

PART I: Basics of regulation - an overview of therapeutic goods regulation, TGA's role and sponsor responsibilities when supplying therapeutic goods in Australia.

PART II: Case studies - general principles of market authorisation, manufacturing, advertising and post-market monitoring as they relate to therapeutic goods.

PART III: Q&A with TGA staff - opportunity to ask general questions.

PART IV: Product focus (subject to demand) - sessions focusing on the various types of therapeutic goods. Nominate your area of interest when you register:

  1. Medical devices (e.g. surgical instruments, bandages)
  2. Complementary medicines (e.g. vitamins, nutritional supplements)
  3. Prescription medicines (e.g. antibiotics, monoclonal antibodies)*
  4. Biologicals (e.g. tissue-based products, stem cells)*
  5. Over the counter medicines (e.g. paracetamol, lozenges)*

*Note these are likely to be in a combined breakout session.

Learning objectives

Attendance at a workshop will:

  • help you to understand the role of TGA, how we regulate therapeutic goods and regulation basics
  • clarify your obligations as a sponsor including obtaining market authorisation and meeting advertising, manufacturing and post-market monitoring requirements (including adverse event reporting)
  • give you the opportunity to seek clarification on areas of regulation you may find unclear
  • equip you with the key regulatory requirements associated with your type of therapeutic good

Upcoming workshops

There are currently no scheduled workshops.

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