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Medicine shortage reports database

You can use this page to search for all medicines in shortage and find information about management actions, including supply of overseas alternative medicines.

The medicine shortage reports database includes information about shortages of reportable medicines in Australia, including those arising from the discontinuation of products.

Information in this database is based on details reported to us by sponsors. Any additional management actions taken by us will be clearly stated.

How to search

The database defaults to all current medicine shortages. You can also view anticipated and resolved shortages and discontinuations.

To search the database for all shortages and discontinuations for a particular medicine, type the active ingredient or trade (brand) name into the search field. You can then click on the active ingredient name or trade name for more information about the shortage of interest.

You can also download an extract of all shortages and discontinuations.

Access Full Medicine Shortage Reports Database

To view all medicines shortages and discontinuations with a critical shortage impact rating, click on the CRITICAL medicine shortages link below.

Access Critical Medicine Shortage Reports Database

Further information

Information about medicine shortages is available in the Shortages hub. 

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