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What is RSS?

An RSS feed (Really Simple Syndication feed), is a delivery mechanism for online content. By subscribing to RSS feeds, users are automatically informed, via the use of an RSS feed reader/aggregator, of website updates. It negates the need for users to search for content updates on websites.

How does RSS work?

When a new article is published or a change made to a web page, the associated RSS feed keeps track of the changes and delivers them to you through your RSS reader. RSS feeds are most often attached to text, images, and pod casts, but they can be used with any document that has content changes.

How do I use RSS?

To view RSS feeds, you need an RSS reader (also called an aggregator), which continually checks the RSS feed(s) that you have subscribed to. Readers and aggregators are usually easy to use, offering users the facility to read, email, save or clip content with a click of the mouse. RSS readers and aggregators can be software-based or browser-based. All compile and update feeds allowing anonymous access from any computer with Internet access.

What is a feed?

A feed is similar to a bookmark in a web browser. If you subscribe to the Latest News RSS feed, for instance, you will see the Latest News items appear in your reader as soon as they are published to the website.

How do I 'subscribe' to a feed?

There are various ways to subscribe to RSS feeds. You may see the RSS symbol on web pages, which represents the RSS feed or a page of feeds. Depending on which reader/aggregator you use you may either click the link to subscribe or copy the URL (web address) of the feed and paste it into your reader.

Where can I access an RSS reader?

There are many free RSS readers available on the Internet. Most newer Internet browsers also integrate the handling of RSS feeds.