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(Approval lapsed) Furosemid-ratiopharm furosemide 500mg tablet (Germany)

Section 19A approved medicine
(Approval lapsed) Furosemid-ratiopharm furosemide 500mg tablet (Germany)
Section 19A approval holder
Medsurge Healthcare Pty Ltd ABN 92 124 728 892
1300 788 261
Approved until
Medicines in short supply/unavailable
UREX FORTE furosemide (frusemide) 500 mg tablet blister pack - ARTG 196972

Furosemide (Frusemide) in a high-dosage formulation is intended exclusively for patients with severely impaired renal function. For use under strict medical supervision only within a hospital setting (see Dosage and Administration). High doses of frusemide may be used as an adjuvant treatment of oliguria and in the promotion of diuresis in the treatment of oedema; in selected patients with acute renal failure, e.g. in the post-operative phase and in association with septic infections; in selected patients with chronic renal failure with fluid retention, both in the pre-dialysis phase and when dialysis has become unavoidable, especially in the presence of acute pulmonary oedema; in selected patients with the nephrotic syndrome with severe impairment of renal function e.g. in chronic glomerulonephritis, lupus erythematous and Kimmelstiel-Wilson syndrome. If diuresis is less than 2.5 L / day dialysis has to be used.

Additional information

Furosemid-ratiopharm furosemide 500mg tablet (Germany), is registered and marketed in Germany by ratiopharm GmbH and therefore all labelling is in German. Pharmacists are instructed to direct consumers to disregard the patient leaflet contained within the pack and refer to the Australian Consumer Medicines Information available from: .


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