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Section 14, TGO91 consents

Database of consents to import, supply or export therapeutic goods that do not comply with TGO 91 due to COVID-19

Medicines and other therapeutic goods must conform with applicable standards to be supplied in Australia.

Under the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 prior consent must be given under sections 14 and 14A of the Act to the import, export or supply of therapeutic goods that do not conform with an applicable standard. The Secretary can impose conditions on the consent under section 15 of the Act.

As a direct result of COVID-19, some prescription medicine manufacturers experienced difficulty in introducing labels that were assessed to be compliant with TGO91 into their manufacturing process by the end of the transition period from TGO 69 (1 September 2020). In recognition of this problem, we introduced a special section 14 application process specifically for these instances. The expedited process ceased on 9 October 2020. Any further section 14 requests should apply via the standard section 14 process.

The records below include information about these decisions, and any subsequent review of such decisions.

To view records of all other consent decisions, refer to the database of Section 14 consents.

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