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NA Immune Boost (Australian United Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd)

Product Name
NA Immune Boost
Date of review outcome
Date of publication
Medicine is no longer permitted to be supplied
Is it safe to continue using this medicine?
Yes, based on the sponsor's certification. However, follow the recommended actions below.
What action should consumers take?
Consider whether this medicine is right for you based on this medicine potentially not working as expected in relation to boosting the immune system
Review scope
Information reviewed
ARTG Record
Issues related to safety
The safety of this medicine was not assessed as part of this review
Issues related to efficacy
The name of this medicine claimed it may help to boost the immune system. However, this claim was not covered by the sponsors certification that they held evidence to substantiate it.
Actions taken during the review
The TGA required the sponsor to correct the issues with this medicine. The sponsor cancelled this medicine and withdrew it from further supply.

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