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MI LIAN CHUAN BEI PI PA GAO (Shen Neng Herbal Medicines Group Pty Ltd)

Product Name
Date of review outcome
Date of publication
Medicine is no longer permitted to be supplied
Is it safe to continue using this medicine?
No, continued use is not recommended as its safety is not considered acceptable for a listed medicine
What action should consumers take?
Do not take this medicine as its safety is not considered acceptable for a listed medicine. Refer to 'Issues related to safety' below for further information. Seek advice from a health practitioner if you are concerned about your health.
Review scope
Targeted (see Additional Information below)
Information reviewed
ARTG Record, Labels, Laboratory Results, Manufacturing Documentation, Sample
Issues related to safety
This medicine was found to contain amygdalin, a substance that is not permitted for use in listed medicines.
While the safety of this medicine was therefore considered to be unacceptable, current data indicate it is unlikely to pose an immediate risk to consumer health and safety. Additionally, the sponsor stopped supply of this medicine in July 2020.
Issues related to efficacy
The efficacy of this medicine was not assessed as part of this review
Actions taken during the review
The TGA issued an infringement notice ( to the sponsor for failing to provide information requested as part of the compliance review.
The TGA notified the sponsor that amygdalin was detected in this medicine and required the sponsor to correct the issues. The sponsor cancelled this medicine and withdrew it from further supply.
Additional information
This review was conducted as part of a targeted project

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