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Nicotine Scheduling Regulation Impact Statement (RIS)

21 December 2020
Download Nicotine Scheduling Regulation Impact Statement (RIS)


The Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) and the regulatory burden costing have been published alongside the delegate's final decision on the scheduling of nicotine.

As extensive public consultation occurred as part of the scheduling process, no further specific consultation was undertaken in the development of the RIS. There was also extensive public consultation as part of the inquiry of the Senate Select Committee on Tobacco Harm Reduction, to which, insofar as it was relevant, the delegate also had regard.

It should also be noted that not all aspects of the RIS, such as impacts on industry, are considered by the delegate in making a scheduling decision. For example, economic and regulatory costs or savings are not generally considered by the delegate except insofar as it may have implications for (broadly) public health and safety. This includes the considerations applying under the Scheduling Policy Framework (SPF).

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