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TGA approach to disclosure of commercially confidential information (CCI)

7 May 2014

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This document TGA Approach to disclosure of commercially confidential information provides guidance as to how official information of a business or commercial nature, provided to the TGA, is treated. This document covers:

  • a description of how information provided to the Commonwealth is classified,
  • criteria applied by the TGA in determining whether information so provided is commercially confidential, and
  • the approach that the TGA takes to the release of commercially confidential information to the public and the principles that underlie that approach.

As described in this document, information that was previously classified as 'commercial in confidence' is now classified as 'For Official Use Only'. As a result the TGA is now taking steps to change all references to 'commercial in confidence' to 'For Official Use Only' in its guidance documents and forms, and in other material on the TGA website. These references are linked to an explanatory statement on the treatment by the TGA of information (including commercially confidential information). References to the use of 'confidentiality statements' in guidance documents will also be updated.

Version history

Version Description of change Author Effective date
V1.0 (draft) Original publication Therapeutic Goods Administration 27 June 2013
V1.1 Revised following public consultation Therapeutic Goods Administration 7 May 2014

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