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Reduction of assessment fees for medical devices

Guidelines for reducing assessment fees for ARTG application audits and conformity assessments of medical devices (including IVDs)

30 November 2015

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TGA guidance for reduction of medical device assessment fees

Guidance about reduction of assessment fees for medical devices (including IVDs) has been developed with the aim of:

  • Simplifying the guidance used by TGA staff to determine if an abridged assessment and reduction of assessment fees is possible and appropriate.
  • Making the TGA process of determining the level of reduced assessment fees for medical devices more consistent and transparent to applicants.

The guidance does not prescribe exact reduced assessment fee amounts for different circumstances that allow for an abridged conformity assessment. Instead, it describes scenarios where an abridged assessment may be possible and provides a description of how a reduced assessment fee may be determined by the TGA financial delegate.

The document also incorporates guidance on the reduction of assessment fees for application audits of medical devices (including IVDs), as this is done under the same regulation as that for reducing conformity assessment fees.

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