Australian Regulatory Guidelines for Prescription Medicines (ARGPM)

The Australian Regulatory Guidelines for Prescription Medicines (ARGPM) assist applicants and sponsors to register new prescription medicines or vary existing registrations in Australia.


2 Jan 2017

Comparable overseas regulators (CORs) for prescription medicines

Guidance on Criteria, COR report-based process and work-sharing

1 Aug 2017

Electronic designation application form

The electronic designation application form is now available on TGA Business services. For more information see our guidance

Prescription medicines registration basics

Information about the prescription medicines registration process in Australia.

Image showing flow between five blue boxes

CTD and general dossier requirements

Information about hard copy and electronic submission dossier formats.

Image showing magnifying glass over three files

Print version

The information on this website is available in PDF and Microsoft Word format for printing.

Specific guidance

These guidance provide information about specific technical requirements and particular types of medicine.