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Metal-on-metal hip replacement implants hub

Information about metal-on-metal hip replacement implants.

Hip replacement implants are designed to replace hip joints that have degenerated and become painful or (less commonly) were deformed at birth or damaged during an accident. The implants replace the painful, deformed or damaged 'ball and socket' joint of the hip with components made of metal, plastic or ceramic. The 'ball' part of the joint is called the femoral head, and the 'socket' part of the joint is called the acetabulum, or acetabular cup.

In late 2009 the DePuy ASR MoM implants were withdrawn from the Australian market after analysis of data from the AOANJRR- external site demonstrated that the rate of early revision surgery for these implants was high relative to other hip replacements. Monitoring of all MoM hip implants, to date, has not revealed a general problem with all MoM hip implants. However, there are concerns about MoM hip implants and the possibility of adverse health consequences of metal particles and metal ions that may be generated by wear of the components of these implants. 

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