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Payment dates for ACE entries that have generated turnover

Once an ARTG entry generates turnover greater than $0 it no longer qualifies for the Annual Charge Exemption (ACE) scheme.

Sponsors have the ability to notify the TGA at any time after their entry has begun generating turnover. If a sponsor chooses to notify the TGA of turnover then the annual charge becomes payable by the end of the month following the month in which the notification is made.

If a sponsor does not notify the TGA as turnover is generated, then annual charges for the current financial year, as well as the next financial year, are payable by 15 September.

This calculator will show you when annual charges will be payable, based on the date you intend to notify the TGA of turnover.

(format MM-DD-YYYY)

Note: Where the end of the month falls on a weekend the date (above) has been adjusted to the next working day. This calculator does not account for public holidays.


This estimator is provided by the TGA (a part of the Department of Health) solely for the purpose of providing general information on the TGA regulatory scheme. The dates derived through the estimator are consistent with the TGA's business rules, however they represent an example timeline only.

People requiring specific information or advice on the application of the therapeutic goods legislation in particular cases should make their own enquiries.

Whilst due care has been taken in its preparation, the Department of Health cannot guarantee, and assumes no legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, currency or completeness of the information presented by the estimator.