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Introduction to the TGA

University student educational materials

18 December 2013


These educational materials are provided by the TGA (a part of the Department of Health) solely for the purpose of providing general education on the TGA regulatory scheme. The materials should not be taken to be a detailed description of the scheme, or advice on the application of the therapeutic goods legislation in particular cases. Nor should they be taken to be statements of policy.

People requiring information or advice on the application of the therapeutic goods legislation in particular cases should make their own enquiries.

Whilst due care has been taken in their preparation, the Department of Health cannot guarantee, and assumes no legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, currency or completeness of the information contained in these materials.

These materials are based on the scheme as it is in December 2013.

Presentation: Therapeutic Goods Administration - An introduction to the work of Australia's regulator of therapeutic goods

View this presentation for information on:

  • who we are, how we regulate, and why we need regulation
  • the different types of therapeutic goods and the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods
  • our benefit versus risk approach to regulation
  • the activities we undertake both before and after a product is released to the market

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