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Application for conformity assessment certificates (medical devices)

9 December 2020

Guidance on how to apply for a conformity assessment certificate can be found in the document 'Application Instructions' below. Further guidance on conformity assessment and medical device inclusion process can be found in the Australian Regulatory Guidelines for Medical Devices (ARGMD).

As part of the conformity assessment application process, the manufacturer of a medical device is required to provide the 'Supporting data form' together with the supporting data of an application. The applicant should use either the single word version of the form OR the PDF version of the form with additional form pages as required.


How to access a pdf or Word document

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This document provides guidance on how to apply for a conformity assessment certificate.


Conformity assessment certification - supporting data form

Additional pages

Note: The 'supporting data form' must only be provided to the TGA with the supporting data of the application after the applicant receives the acknowledgment email from the TGA for the lodged application in eBusiness Services. Only current forms will be accepted. Additional pages (e.g., for several facilities, devices, etc.) can be used as required.

Additional section 3.3: Manufacturer facility (site) details

Additional section 4: Critical supplier's details

Additional section 5: Device details - non-IVD devices only

Additional section 6: IVD device details

Additional attachment 1 - New certificate checklist

Additional attachment 2 - Substantial change checklist

Additional attachment 3 - Recertification checklist