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Consumer Medicines Information (CMI)

27 August 2020

The Consumer Medicines Information (CMI) is a leaflet that contains information on the safe and effective use of a prescription medicine, as well as some non-prescription medicines and some biologicals.

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CMI documents can be found by searching this website or by using the CMI database in eBusiness Services. You can enter the product name, licence details, sponsor details, active ingredient names or the ARTG number to get results.

Where available links to consumer medicines information (CMI) pdf documents are provided.

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About Consumer Medicines Information (CMI)

A CMI document is written by the pharmaceutical company (sponsor) responsible for the medicine.

CMIs are important because they provide information aimed at bringing about better health outcomes.

A CMI includes:

  • Name of the medicine
  • Names of the active and inactive ingredients
  • Dosage of the medicine
  • What the medicine is used for and how it works
  • Warnings and precautions, such as when the medicine should not be taken
  • Interactions the medicine might have with food or other medicines
  • How to use the medicine properly
  • Side effects
  • What to do in the case of an overdose
  • How to store the medicine properly
  • Name and address of the sponsor
  • Date the CMI was last updated

Availability of CMI documents

CMI documents may not be available for every product. Sponsors are required to provide CMIs prior to prescription medicines, some non-prescription medicines and some biologicals being released to the market. Products that have been registered but not yet released to the market will not have accompanying CMI documents.

For medicines that do have a CMI, the sponsor is required to make it available to consumers either in the pack or in another manner that will enable the information to be given to the person to whom the medicine is administered or otherwise dispensed.