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Listed and assessed listed medicines: Application and submission user guide

24 July 2019

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Trouble shooting in the TBS portal

The online listed medicine application and TBS portal successfully processes a large number of applications each year; however, occasionally there are system errors that may occur from time to time.

If an application is not behaving in a manner you expect (for example, a variation application generates a new AUST L), please DO NOT submit the application. Instead, use this trouble shooting guide below to investigate the issues.

If you are unable to rectify the issue, contact In your correspondence please include the following:

  • application ID (located in the top right corner of your application)
  • screen shot of the validation messages
  • details of the change(s) required.

Common IT issues

Issue Suggestion

When validating, there is an instant validation error.

Stop the validation process and re-validate.

The system is responding slowly or a jumbled screen has appeared.

Clear the cache in the web browser.

Internet Explorer: Press CTRL-SHIFT and click on the refresh button in the address bar at the same time.

Firefox: Press Shift and click on the refresh button in the address bar at the same time.

Your application fails validation.

Read Validation error message carefully and correct the application as per instructions in the Validation message.

Double click on the validation error to be directed to the field that is affected.

You may need to check the requirements if the error is unexpected, for example the Permissible Ingredients Determination.

The following system error message appears - " says: An error occurred while updating some of the page..."

Try re-validating the application until the message disappears. If not contact the TGA via the above email.

When validating an application the following error message appears stating 'Warning X' required, even though it has been added to the application.

Delete 'Warning X', save and validate the application. Re-add 'Warning X', save and validate the application.

You receive an automated email with a new AUST L or AUST L(A) but if this number does not appear on the Register.

Wait 24-48 hours for new AUST L or AUST L(A) number to appear on the Register. After this time, contact

The validation message appears – Manufacturer is not valid for dosage form.

The product dosage form must be an exact match with the Manufacturer's licence or clearance or be covered by a dosage form group.

For example, tablet film-coated is covered by the dosage form group Solid Unit Dosage Forms – Tablets.

For additional information refer to TBS Code Tables or contact

Your variation application generated a new AUST L or AUST L(A) number.

In the Application tab check that the radio button 'Change a current ARTG Entry' been selected & the AUST L or AUST L(A) number entered. Select the 'Search' button to pre-populate the application.

If you have not changed anything it will automatically validate as a 'New' application.

Check the Guidance on product changes to ensure the changes you have made do not warrant a 'New' AUST L or AUST L(A).

If you make two or more Grouping type changes in the one application it is likely that a 'New' AUST L or AUST L(A) will be generated.

For additional information refer to Guidance on Product Changes.

Your application has validated successfully but when you click on 'Proceed to Submission' – the 'eligible application' field is blank.

Ensure that the correct billing address and sponsor name has been selected.

Your application does not appear in the submission window.

After proceeding to Submission, if a window does not appear advising you of the cost and type of application, your application has not been submitted correctly. You should attempt to re-submit.

Your draft application has disappeared from the system.

Unedited draft application will remain in the system for 365 days. The system will automatically delete it after this time.

To prevent this, open the draft and select save.

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