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Inactive ingredients, the unsung players in medicines

30 April 2020
How to find information about the inactive ingredients in your medicines.

What is the Therapeutic Goods Administration?

24 October 2018

What is the TGA?  Learn why and how we regulate medicines and medical devices. 

Consumer story: Georgia and breast implant associated cancer

7 September 2018
Georgia's story explains how to spot the warning signs for the breast implant associated cancer BIA-ALCL.

If it walks like a therapeutic good, talks like a therapeutic good...

18 October 2018

Some retailers try to use disclaimers like 'for research purposes only' to sell an illegal product, but these disclaimers don't change the law.

Consumer story: Caitlin and medicinal cannabis

20 June 2018

Caitlin's story explains how a patient in Australia can legally access medicinal cannabis.