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Inactive ingredients, the unsung players in medicines

30 April 2020
How to find information about the inactive ingredients in your medicines.

Before you take the red pill or the blue pill, check the medicine label for nuts

25 October 2019
What does Neo from the Matrix need to know before choosing a pill to take?

Should I keep taking ranitidine for heartburn?

17 October 2019
Contamination has been discovered in some ranitidine products, but the immediate health risk is low.

Not so much TMI as CMI: empowering consumers with clear, accessible information about their medicines

3 October 2019
Consumer Medicine Information gives you the information you need to manage your health

Fifteen men on a dead man’s medicine chest – the weird world of pirate medicine

19 September 2019
Fun facts about pirate medicine for Talk Like A Pirate Day

Good Manufacturing Practice: the recipe for quality medicine

29 August 2019
When a company makes a medicine, quality is planned for with Good Manufacturing Practice.

The free, safe and confidential way to get rid of your unwanted medicines

23 July 2019
If you have any unwanted medicines, you can safely dispose of them at your local pharmacy.

Everything you ever wanted to know about sunscreens (but were afraid to ask)

10 July 2019
Tips on what to consider when choosing or applying a sunscreen

Bee Aware: what’s the buzz on natural claims?

20 June 2019

Bee aware of the risks of natural medicines and medical devices.

Ingredient name changes: a medicine ingredient by any other name…

11 June 2019

Some medicine ingredients are getting new names, but you'll know if there has been a big change.