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Sanoma Garden - various therapeutic goods

Consumer alert

25 October 2016

Consumers are advised not to purchase medicines or medical devices being offered by Sanoma Garden.

Material from Sanoma Garden may create the impression that they have Australian-based operations, with a local post office box address and phone number, however, this is not the case.

Sanoma Garden advertises medicines and medical devices for the relief, treatment or prevention of serious diseases, conditions and ailments. These claims have not been verified by the TGA.

Consumers should be aware that therapeutic goods purchased via Sanoma Garden:

  • are not subject to Australia’s stringent requirements for quality, safety or efficacy (effectiveness), and
  • are unlikely to deliver on the claims of efficacy that are set out in the promotional material.

In addition, consumers should be aware that purchases made via Sanoma Garden:

  • are unlikely to be protected by Australian Consumer Law or other fair trading laws, and
  • may result in personal details, including credit card information, being sent to unknown overseas entities.

Products supplied by mail order from overseas are not regulated by the TGA. If care is not taken, consumers may inadvertently risk their health and waste their money.

Sanoma Garden may also promote health products as foods.

Information for consumers

If you, or someone you care for, have purchased medicines or medical devices from Sanoma Garden, the TGA recommends that you stop using them and take any remaining product to a pharmacy for safe disposal

Examples of products being sold by Sanoma Garden include 'Algicaps', ‘Double shot weight loss pills’, foot patches for detoxification and ionic bracelets for pain relief. Many of these products are being promoted for the treatment of serious conditions that require diagnosis and treatment by a health professional, such as cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes and high cholesterol. If you suspect that you, or someone you care for, has a serious condition, a health professional should be consulted.

Information for health professionals

If you are treating a patient who is using a product supplied by Sanoma Garden, advise them to discontinue use and take any remaining product to a pharmacy for safe disposal.

Additional information

As the source, quality and safety of the goods from Sanoma Garden cannot be verified, the TGA advises consumers they should not purchase therapeutic goods sold by this company and to exercise general caution if purchasing therapeutic goods advertised via direct mail or the internet.

Consumers should be particularly vigilant if the advertising refers to:

  • emotive and sensational phrases with exclamation marks, such as ‘miracle cure' and 'scientifically proven breakthrough',
  • 'testimonials' from cured customers or medical experts,
  • claims that the product can cure or treat serious or incurable diseases,
  • greatly reduced/discounted prices, but which may still be of high dollar value, and
  • offers of money back or other guarantees and other incentives (such as free gifts or free trials).

See Buying medicines and medical devices online for more information.

Reporting problems

If you have encountered promotional material or products that you are concerned about, you can Report a perceived breach of the Therapeutic Goods Act or questionable practices relating to therapeutic products.