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Nhan Sam Tuyet Lien Truy Phong Hoan capsules

Safety advisory

31 January 2022

Nhan Sam Tuyet Lien Truy Phong Hoan products pose a serious risk to your health and should not be taken.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has tested a product labelled Nhan Sam Tuyet Lien Truy Phong Hoan and found that:

  • The capsules contain the undeclared substances Dexamethasone, Chlorphenamine and Furosemide.
  • Serious side effects from drug interactions can be caused when Dexamethasone, Chlorphenamine and Furosemide are taken in combination.
  • Dexamethasone is a corticosteroid used for the treatment of various inflammatory conditions.
  • Chlorphenamine (also known as Chlorpheniramine) is a histamine-H1 receptor antagonist indicated for the management of symptoms associated with upper respiratory allergies. The metabolism of Chlorphenamine can be increased when combined with Dexamethasone [1].
  • Furosemide is a loop diuretic used to treat hypertension and oedema in congestive heart failure, liver cirrhosis and renal disease. The removal of Dexamethasone from the body (excretion) can be decreased when combined with Furosemide [2].

In Australia, the manufacture, import, export, advertising and supply of Nhan Sam Tuyet Lien Truy Phong Hoan products are illegal, as the product has not been entered in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG).

Information for consumers

  • Stop using Nhan Sam Tuyet Lien Truy Phong Hoan capsules and take any remaining products to your local pharmacy for safe disposal.
  • If you have used any of these products and have concerns, consult your health care practitioner.
  • If you suspect a side effect (adverse event) to any product, please make an online report to the TGA or telephone 1800 020 653.

Action the TGA is taking

The TGA advises consumers to exercise caution when considering buying medicines online. Products that are unapproved for supply in Australia may be counterfeit; containing undeclared and hazardous active ingredients that could cause a serious adverse reaction.

The TGA is working with the Australian Border Force to stop future shipments of Nhan Sam Tuyet Lien Truy Phong Hoan capsules entering Australia. The ABF will seize and destroy the product as it is intercepted at the Australian border.

Report counterfeit medicines and medical devices

If you are worried about counterfeit medicines or medical devices, and want to report an issue, you can report the matter to the TGA:

Phone: 1800 020 653

Online: Report a perceived breach or questionable practices