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Amazon Tonic III: does not treat cancer and contains potentially dangerous ingredients

Safety advisory

31 January 2016

The TGA strongly advises consumers and patients not to buy or take Amazon Tonic III to treat cancer. The label and information on related internet sites suggests that Amazon Tonic III can kill cancer cells, implying treatment of cancer. There is no evidence that it can treat cancer, and it contains potentially dangerous ingredients.

Amazon Tonic III bottle and conents

Why is Amazon Tonic III potentially dangerous?

The TGA has identified through scientific analysis that Amazon Tonic III contains amongst other ingredients, oleandrin, which can cause:

  • fatigue;
  • gastrointestinal effects; and
  • cardiovascular effects.

Amazon Tonic III presents a serious risk to public health based on the presence of oleandrin, and also because it claims to treat cancer.

Does it treat cancer?

No. Amazon Tonic III is not included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG), and the TGA is not aware of any credible, scientific evidence which shows that Amazon Tonic III is effective in treating cancer.

We recommend you consult a medical professional to get advice about treating serious conditions and diseases, including cancer.

What should I do if I've purchased Amazon Tonic III?

Stop taking Amazon Tonic III, and dispose of any remaining liquid.

Consumers and health professionals are strongly encouraged to report any adverse reactions associated with the use of Amazon Tonic III to the TGA, via Reporting problems.

Blue alert

Penalties including terms of imprisonment and fines of up to $180,000 for an individual and $900,000 for a corporation apply to the illegal importation and/or supply of unapproved therapeutic goods.