Advertising hub

The advertising hub brings together news and information about the regulation of therapeutic goods advertising. It contains tools for both consumers and advertisers, including fact sheets, e-learning modules and forms for reporting illegal advertising and submitting enquiries. It also provides information about the changes to the framework for advertising therapeutic goods that are being implemented between 2018 and 2020.

Advertising basics, general information and enquiries

I'm looking for general information about advertising therapeutic goods in Australia, consumer resources or to make an enquiry.

Complaints and outcomes

I saw an ad that I think breaks the rules and I want to make a complaint. I'd also like to know how complaints are handled and in what timeframes, or see the outcome of a complaint.

Sanctions and penalties

I want to know what consequences or penalties advertisers face if the rules are broken.

Guidance for advertisers

I am an advertiser and I want to make sure my ad is compliant. I'd like some guidance so I can do the right thing, or to submit an application to use a restricted representation or advertise in specified media.

Education and training

I want some training to help me understand everything about advertising therapeutic goods in Australia, including the therapeutic goods advertising legislation.

Regulatory decisions and announcements

I want to know about notices relating to advertisements or to find out what actions have been taken against non-compliant advertising.

Stakeholder engagement and reforms

I want to know how the TGA keeps its stakeholders and the public up to date about changes to advertising.

Contact us or lodge a complaint

If you'd like to make an enquiry about therapeutic goods advertising, you can get in touch by:

Phone: 1800 020 653 (freecall within Australia) or 02 6232 8757 (direct)

Online: Submit an online advertising enquiry or lodge a complaint about an advertisement