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Advertising COVID-19 rapid antigen tests

14 October 2021

Requirements for advertising

Advertisers of rapid antigen tests, including suppliers of COVID-19 rapid antigen tests and testing service providers, must ensure that any advertising is compliant with the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code (the Advertising Code) and the conditions imposed on the supply and use of rapid antigen tests.

The TGA has published a permission under section 42DK of the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 that specifies what must and must not be said when advertising COVID-19 rapid antigen tests to consumers (which includes businesses and organisations).

Guidance for advertising COVID-19 rapid antigen tests

We have published guidance which explains how parties can lawfully advertise COVID-19 rapid antigen point-of-care tests for use by or under the supervision of a relevant health practitioner, or COVID-19 rapid antigen self-tests for supply to consumers for home use testing, and meet the requirements set out in the advertising permission.