Information & notices about TGA fees & payments

30 June 2015

The low value turnover (LVT) scheme has been replaced by the Annual Charge Exemption (ACE) scheme commencing 1 July 2015. For information on the new ACE scheme, including the transitional arrangements in place for entries previously granted LVT exemptions, see: ACE Scheme.

Online payment portal

Payments to the TGA are made through an online payment portal:

Where necessary, payments can be made without an invoice. To do this, please enter the biller code (this is the payment type and can be selected from the options in the drop down list), client ID and payment amount.

You can make the following payments online:

  • clinical trial notification application fee
  • late declaration application fee

Once the payment information has been entered, you have the option to request that a tax invoice/receipt be emailed directly to you.

When you have finalised your payment, a new page will open confirming that your payment has been successful. You can also request that a copy of this payment confirmation be emailed to you.

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