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29 July 2016
Safety advisory
27 July 2016
Update - TGA investigation
21 July 2016
Consumers and health professionals are advised that Alere will be recalling the Alere INRatio PT/INR monitor system.
21 July 2016
Hazard alert - risk of loss of therapy due to electrical issue

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28 July 2016
Added registered new chemical entities for July
27 July 2016
New or extended uses for registered medicines
25 July 2016
Added Adalimumab (rch) / Humira and Gliclazide / Gliclazide Gppl MR 30; Gliclazide Gxp MR 60; Gliclazide Genpar MR 60
25 July 2016
Sponsors may now apply for an ACE reinstatement up to 15 September 2016

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