• SPF 50+ sunscreen

    Don’t get burnt this summer!

    What does the SPF rating mean? How is sunscreen regulated?
  • Illustration of a measuring tape

    Half yearly performance report

    See how we measured up between January and June 2015
  • Stylised medicine box with the text 'What's on the label for me' in bold.

    Aust R and Aust L numbers

    What do the Aust R and Aust L numbers mean?
  • Illustration of a calculator

    Pre-submission Pilot Evaluation Plan Estimator

    Sponsors: try our new calculator and work out evaluation timeframes for your application before you lodge
  • Woman sitting at a desk with a laptop

    Updated fees & charges for OTC medicines

    New fees & charges for over-the-counter medicines take effect on 1 January


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Health professionals

Doctor, nurse, pharmacist...

Do you prescribe or use therapeutic goods as a professional?


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Safety information

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11 February 2016
Recall - small risk of infection due to potential contamination
10 February 2016
Safety advisory
10 February 2016
Safety advisory
3 February 2016
Safety advisory

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12 February 2016
Added Lenalidomide (Revlimid) and Dabigatran etexilate (Pradaxa)
10 February 2016
Information for advertisers about misrepresenting products as TGA/government approved
10 February 2016
Added Migalastat hydrochloride (GALAFOLD)
8 February 2016
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