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30 May 2017
Safety alert - Dragon Power (Yong Gang Tablets)
30 May 2017
Safety Alert - Jinqiangbudor Red Dragon Tablets
26 May 2017
Recall - potential medicine tampering
26 May 2017
Recall - potential missing blister sheets

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29 May 2017
Assists in the interpretation of the PIC/S GMP requirements when manufacturing compounded medicines
29 May 2017
Added Bevacizumab (rch) (Avastin) and Albumin (human) (Albunate 5 / Albunate 20 / Albunate 25)
29 May 2017
In response to reported concerns during the past Australian summer, the TGA undertook laboratory testing of 31 commonly used sunscreens
26 May 2017
The TGA is seeking comments on the proposed options to revise TGO 75 Standard for HPC. Closing date: 7 July 2017

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