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What does 'TGA assessed' mean on my medicine label?

20 June 2019

Some medicines may have a 'TGA assessed' symbol and/or statement on the label. These are also referred to as the 'TGA assessed' claim.

TGA assessed symbol:
TGA assessed symbol

TGA assessed statement: Evidence for the approved indications has been assessed by the TGA

Here are some things to keep in mind when you see the 'TGA assessed' symbol or statement. The 'TGA assessed' claim (symbol and/or statement) shows that the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has assessed the medicine's indications (conditions the medicine says it will treat) and found they are supported by scientific evidence. This is also called an 'efficacy' assessment.

The 'TGA assessed' claim is found on some, but not all, medicines

It is important to know how to identify if a medicine has had its health claims assessed by the TGA. This can give you some assurance that a medicine can do what it says it will.

You can tell if we have assessed the health claims made about a medicine by looking for one of the following on the medicine label:

  • an AUST L(A) number (assessed listed medicine)
  • an AUST R number (registered medicine)
  • a 'TGA assessed' claim (as a symbol and/or a statement).

The only medicines able to use the 'TGA assessed' claim are registered complementary medicines (AUST R) and assessed listed medicines [AUST L(A)] that have had the evidence for their health claims assessed and confirmed by the TGA.

Note that if there is an AUST L number on the label then the TGA has NOT assessed the scientific evidence for the medicine's claims before it enters the market.

The 'TGA assessed' claim is not a TGA recommendation

We determine whether medicines can be supplied in Australia, but it is up to you and your health professional to decide whether a medicine is right for you. The 'TGA assessed' claim tells you that we have assessed the health claims made about the medicine. It does not mean that we consider or recommend that this product is better for you than other medicines that do not have the 'TGA assessed' claim on their label.

The 'TGA assessed' claim should appear exactly as shown here

You should be sceptical if the 'TGA assessed' claim on a medicine is different to what is shown here.

'TGA assessed' symbol

TGA assessed symbol on medicine boxTGA assessed symbol on bottle

'TGA assessed' statement

TGA assessed statement on medicine box

To better understand your medicine label, including the active ingredient and possible warnings, visit 'What's on my medicine label?'.

Report misuse of the 'TGA assessed' claim

If you see a medicine that appears to misuse the 'TGA assessed' claim or otherwise makes misleading claims, you should lodge an advertising complaint with the TGA.