What do I need to do to supply a medical device in Australia?

28 July 2008

A person or company who is legally responsible for supplying a device in Australia is called a 'sponsor'.

Sponsors need to obtain from the manufacturer of the medical device/s, the:

  • classification for the device/s
  • GMDN codes for device/s.

The TGA requirements vary depending on the classification of the medical device.

For information on what a sponsor needs to do please refer to the Australian Regulatory Guidelines for Medical Devices (ARGMD).

Other information:

Once a sponsor has all the necessary information for the medical device/s they want to supply, they can lodge an application with the TGA.

Establishing an eBusiness account

Each company must have an eBusiness account with the TGA. Once a company has an eBusiness account, the administrator within the company can establish and maintain individual access for any staff within the company who require it.

If a company does not have a master account then they will need to establish an eBusiness account with the TGA. This is done on the TGA eBusiness website.

Click on the New User section of the page and download the:

  • Client Details Form - only to be completed if the company does not already have a CLIENT identification number. For first time sponsors, this form must be completed.
  • EBusiness Access Form - needs to be completed to establish an eBusiness account with the TGA and to obtain an account name and password. Complete these forms and fax them to the TGA on 02 6232 8581. An account name and password will be sent to the email address specified on the form within three working days of the TGA receiving a correctly completed form.

Logging on

Applications are submitted via the TGA eBusiness website.

User instructions

Once logged on, the user will be taken to the medical devices home page, which will provide a number of options.

User documentation

User documentation is available online or can be downloaded and printed. This document gives valuable information and assists in navigating through the various options available.

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