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Webinar: The role of the TGA in digital health

4 January 2019

The TGA will be holding a webinar about its role in regulating digital health products. This webinar will be the first of a series planned for 2019 and will be interactive, with the opportunity to ask questions after the presentation.

Background information

Digital health is a broad, often loosely defined term. However, it is generally concerned with using interconnected health systems, computational technologies, smart devices and communication to improve healthcare.

The TGA is Australia's regulator of medical devices. This means that digital health technologies that are a medical devices, or part of a medical device are regulated by the TGA. However, digital health is currently moving quite quickly which creates challenges for regulation. Furthermore, many of these technologies are not regulated by the TGA.

This webinar aims to clarify which technologies fall under TGA regulation, and introduces the work that is underway to address the challenges in regulating some of these technologies.

Who should attend?

  • Those who are designing or manufacturing digital health and are unsure if their product is regulated by the TGA.
  • People who want to know more about what TGA is doing to address the challenges in regulating new and emerging technologies.

How do I register?

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Thursday, 7 February 2019

12:30pm - 13:30pm

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Further information

Any questions relating to this webinar should be directed to