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Updating medicine ingredient names - information for sponsors

24 June 2019

The transition period for the harmonisation of medicine ingredient names will end on 30 April 2020. From 1 May 2020 all medicines released for supply will need to reflect the updated ingredient names on labels and in supporting documentation such as Product Information (PI) or Consumer Medicine Information (CMI) leaflets.

Transition period - what sponsors need to do

Existing products

Sponsors of affected medicines must update their labels and supporting documentation to display the new ingredient names. These changes must be completed before 1 May 2020.

Major variations to existing medicines that create a separate and distinct good are treated as new products. In these circumstances the new ingredient names must be used on labels and within product information documents.

New products

All new products registered or listed onto the ARTG must use the new ingredient names on labels and within product information documents. This includes new registrations or listings that are created by variations to existing medicines.

Registered medicines

Where a change is needed to a label or PI document, sponsors must submit to TGA a copy of the updated label and PI document for approval. This can be as part of other changes to their labels/PIs or as a separate variation.

For variations to prescription medicines, please note in your variation application that the ingredient name change is due to harmonisation.

For OTC and Registered complementary medicines, use the change code 'IHN' (category 'Other') in TGA Business Services for the ingredient name changes.

Listed medicines

Where a change is needed to a label on a listed medicine, sponsors do not need to provide these to the TGA.

Trade names

Some generic medicine trade names include the old active ingredient name. These names have not been changed within ARTG entries as the trade name of a medicine is owned by the sponsor company.

Sponsors of these medicines can voluntarily update their trade name to the new ingredient name.

This change to a trade name would not be subject to a fee if requested during the transition period.

More information, including a searchable list of affected ingredients, is available on the TGA website.