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TGA key performance indicators

July 2013 to June 2015


As a part of the Department of Health, the TGA safeguards and enhances the health of the Australian community through the effective and timely administration of the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989, through which the Australian Government aims to:

  • regulate therapeutic goods for safety, effectiveness and quality
  • implement the TGA Reform Blueprint, and
  • establish the Australia New Zealand Therapeutic Products Agency.

We are guided by the TGA Strategic Statement 2012-2015 in delivering these outcomes. We intend to report to stakeholders at six monthly intervals on our progress in delivery against a set of agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The KPIs have been endorsed by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Advisory Council following consultation with the TGA-Industry Consultative Committee. Eight KPIs address:

  1. Stakeholder communication, education and satisfaction
  2. Premarket business operations
  3. Postmarket business operations
  4. Organisational health
  5. Financial performance
  6. Statutory obligations
  7. International cooperation, and
  8. Decision making.

Other business performance indicators

The KPIs are high-level indicators for the TGA’s overall performance against our broad strategic intent. Within that matrix of KPIs is a requirement for measuring whether 'business operations are consistent and meet agreed service and timeliness standards'. Measures of specific business activities will continue to be documented in our Half-yearly performance reports.

These reports are provided to members of the TGA-Industry Consultative Committee to enable us to report on specific parameters of relevance to industry stakeholders and to enable stakeholders to provide performance feedback. They provide detailed quantitative information about our performance on the timeliness of business activities as well as information for industry about the volumes of work performed by the TGA.

TGA key performance indicators and measures